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Society of Friends (Filiki Etaireia)

Author(s) : Anemodoura Maria (1/22/2008)
Translation : Panourgia Klio

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Φιλική Εταιρεία (2/18/2009 v.1) Society of Friends (Filiki Etaireia) - has not been published yet 

Chronological Table


1772: Emmanouil Xanthos' birth

1779: Nikolaos Skoufas' birth

1790: Athanasios Tsakalof's birth

1810: Xanthos went to Odessa

1812: Xanthos' travel to Constantinople and collaboration with Asimakis Krokidas, Christodoulos Oikonomou and Kyriakos Batzaktzis from Epirus

1813, early November: Meeting of the three founders in Odessa

1814, September 14th: Founding of the Filiki Etaireia (conventional date)

1814, October: Skoufas and Tsakalof lect for Moscow

1814, December 14th: Initiation of Georgios Sekeris

1815, September 7th: Initiation of Nikolaos Ouzounidis

early 1816: Initiation of Athanasios Sekeris and Panagiotis Anagnostopoulos

1816, February 19th: Initiation of Leonidas Leontiadis

1816, February 20th: Initiation of Theodoros Xristodoulou

1816, March 20th: Initiation of Spyros Stanellos

1816, Septemebr 30th: Initiation of Nikolaos Spiliadis

1816, October 7th: Initiation of Alexandros Mavrokordatos Firaris

1816, October 28th: Initiation of Konstantinos Pentedekas

1816, November: Meeting of Kapodistrias and Galatis at Petroupolis

1817, June 12th: Assassination of Karageorgis Petrovits

1817, October: Athanasios Tsakalof left for Constantinople

1817, October 18th: Initiation of Elias Chrysospathis

1817, October 25th: Initiation of Anagnostis Papageorgiou

1817, November 14th: Initiation of Panagiotis Dimitropoulos

1818, February 10th: Initiation of Christoforos Perraivos

1818, March 1st: Initiation of Georgios Lazanis

1818, April 10th: Tsakalof arrived at Smyrna

1818, April 24th: Tsakalof arrived at Pelio where he met Anthimos Gazis

1818, May 15th: Initiation of Theodoros Negris

1818, June 19th: Initiation of Kyriakos Koumbaris

1818, July 6th: Initiation of Demetrios Hypatros

1818, July 15th: Initiation of Kyriakos Kamarenos

1818, August 2nd: Initiation of Petrobey Mavromichalis

1818, August 2nd: Initiation of Dimitrios Vatikiotis

1818, August 30th: Kyriakos Pentedeka went to Iasi, in order to meet Galatis

1818, October 25th: Initiation of Aristeides Papa

1818, late October: Galatis arrived at Constantinople

1818, November 1st: Initiation of Palaion Patron Germanos

1818, November 17th: Initiation of Andreas Londos, notable of Vostitsa

1818, December 1st: Initiation of Theodoros Kolokotronis

1818, December 14th: Ascent of Gregorios V at the patriarchal throne

1818, December 20th: Initiation of Panos Kolokotronis, son of Theodoros

1819, January 9th: Execution of Nikolaos Galatis in Ermioni

1819, February 20th: Initiation of Andreas Zaimis

1819, May 28th: Approval for conducting a fund raise at the Principalities of Danube after a proposal of Panagiotis Anagnostopoulos following the will of the Authority for the establishment of a “Central School”, with essential objective the funding of the Etaireia

1820, January 15th: Emmanuil Xanthos visited Ioannis Kapodistrias and proposed him the leadership of the Filiki Etaireia

1820, April 12th: Alexandros Ypsilantis became General Commissioner of the Authority

1820, October 7th: The War Council began in Izmail of Vessaravia

1820, October 8th: Alexandros Ypsilantis signed the war proclamation addresses to all the notables of the nation

1821, January 17th: The movement of Theodoros Vladimireskou broke out in Mikri Vlachia

1821, February 16th: Decision for the outbreak of the Revolution in the Principalities of Danube

1821, February 22nd: Alexandros Ypsilantis crossed Prouthos

1821, February 23rd: Alexandros Ypsilantis declared the Revolution in Iasi of Moldavia

1821, February 24th: Circulation of the revolutionary proclamation "Fight for Faith and Country"


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