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Early byzantine church architecture in Constantinople

Author(s) : Lampada Despina (1/22/2008)
Translation : Loumakis Spyridon (9/30/2008)

For citation: Lampada Despina, "Early byzantine church architecture in Constantinople", 2008,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Constantinople
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Πρώιμη βυζαντινή ναοδομία στην Κωνσταντινούπολη (1/26/2012 v.1) Early byzantine church architecture in Constantinople (6/28/2007 v.1) 

Chronological Table


Between 330 and 336: Constantinian church of Hagia Eirene (the first cathedral of Constantinople).

c. 336: Central plan martyrium of the Holy Apostles and mausoleum of Constantine the Great

under Constantius II (337-361): Cross-shaped church of the Holy Apostles.

360: Consecration of the Great Church (the first church of Hagia Sophia, under Constantius II).

404: Destruction of the Great Church by fire.

415: Consecration of the Theodosian church of Hagia Sophia.

c. 425: Notitia urbis constantinopolitanae mentions 14 churches in Constantinople.

middle of the 5th century: Theotokos of Chalcoprateia (foundation of Pulcheria).

c. 454/463: Stoudios basilica (by senator John Stoudios).

463: Foundation of the Monastery of Akoimetoi, the katholikon of which became the Stoudios basilica.

518/9: Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul (Justinianic).

527: St. Polyeuktos (foundation of Justinian’s political rival, Anicia Juliana).

536: Sts Sergios and Bakchos (Justinianic).

532: Nika Riot. Destruction by fire of the churches of Hagia Eirene and Hagia Sophia.

until 537: Justinianic church of Hagia Eirene.

27 December 537: Consecration of the Justinianic church of Hagia Sophia

536-550 (June 28): Justinianic church of the Holy Apostles. The mausoleum of Constantine was preserved, whereas a cross-shaped mausoleum is added on the NE corner for Justinian.

558: Collapse of the original dome of Hagia Sophia.

558-563: Reconstruction of the fallen dome with higher proportions and some changes on the base.

564: Repairs on the church of Hagia Eirene that had suffered damages by fire.

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